Karl Germain

The next two weeks I’m performing at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, OH. On my day off yesterday I drove two hours up to Cleveland, OH to do some touristy stuff. While I was up there I decided to try to find Karl Germain‘s grave at the Riverside Cemetery.

When I got there I did a lot of wandering in the section where it should be, but couldn’t find his grave and then it started raining. Normally I’ll wander until I find the grave, but the weather was bad, so I went to the office to ask for assistance.

While I was in the office I was chatting with one lady and about what I did and the other lady overheard part of the conversation where I mentioned I was a magician. When she heard that she said I should try to find Karl Germain’s grave!

She told me that originally his headstone didn’t have his death date, just the birth year. It was years after his death that the year was added.

karl germain at the riverside cemetery

The office workers at the cemetery were also amazed at how much some of his props have sold for, like the blooming bush that went for $132,000!

karl germain blooming bush

On Saturday I have an appointment at the mausoleum in Columbus to see Howard Thurston!


Seattle Magic Jam – June 2024

A few weeks ago I organized a magic jam in Seattle and it was a blast! There were a ton of familiar faces and a few new ones. One of the great things about these is that is reminds me of why I got into magic, it’s FUN! A bunch of grown ups can spend the evening playing like children and it’s OK because we’re working!

Here’s some of the highlights of the Magic Jam:

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Hope to see you at a magic jam in the future!


Out of Town – Shipping Notice

The daily blog will continue to be updated below this notice.

I’m out of town from July 22nd, 2024 to August 8th, 2024.

No orders will ship or work on orders will happen during this time.

If you need something during this time, contact Hocus-Pocus.com as they normally have most of my products in stock.

The daily blog will continue to be updated below this notice.


3D Printing Magic Tricks

A couple of weeks ago I had a thought go through my head that was that I’d like to 3d print a new magic trick. It’s been a while since I’ve 3D printed any new magic tricks. I’m not looking for simply printing a trick that I found a model of online, but to design something and print it.

I was reading a trick with pennies in Bob Farmer’s Flim Flam book and that got me thinking of the using a “need a penny, take a penny” trays that many stores have by the cash register.

It only took a few tries to get the size of the tray to what I wanted and two tries to get the gimmick the right size.

This tray solves a problem with trying to borrow coins, as people don’t really carry coins anymore. I ask to borrow some pennies and then say, “it’s OK if you don’t have any” and take out the tray with pennies on it. It gets the tray into play logically and with a laugh.

This was a fun project to make and I’ve been having fun doing the trick!


Working on the O-Korto Coin Box Routine

The O-Korto Coin box routine is a lot of fun to do, however the thing that I don’t like about it is that it uses three boxes (only one lid) and that’s a lot of pocket space and pocket management. In an attempt to streamline it, I’ve eliminated one box and am only using the small box and the Boston Box. This cleans up the pocket management a lot!

The routine plays almost the same as in the O-Korto Coin Box Routine instructions. The middle phase where the coins won’t fit into the box has been moved to the end of the routine. The routine goes:

  • The coins go into the box and they coins penetrate the hand
  • The coins go into the box (without lid) and the box penetrates the hand
  • The coins won’t fit into the box when a spectator tries to put them in
  • I put the coins into the box – this is a bonus fourth effect

That gives me the same three main effects, but with only two boxes. I’m liking it in my pockets this way a lot more!


Bag of Stuff I Can’t Do

I came up with a fun way to add in tricks that I’m playing with to my roving set at fairs. I have a ziploc bag full of stuff and I call it the “bag of stuff I can’t do“. I let someone pick something out of the bag and I do that magic trick. It’s a fun way to introduce props that don’t exactly fit my style.

Here’s a highlight video from the fair I performed at last week and you can see some of this stuff.

In that video you can see the first phase of the O-Korto Coin Box routine and Circulation or Round-the-square Cards by Pavel. This is a fun way to keep performing fun and fresh for me.


O-Korto Coin Box

One of the coin magic props that I really don’t like are coin boxes, like the Okito Box. I’ve never never really had a way to use one that makes sense for me. Recently I came across an O-Korto Coin Box Routine set. This is one lid and three coin box bottoms. There’s a regular Okito Box, a Boston Box and the O-Korto Box, which is a an Okito Box, but with a thicker wall so that the coins won’t fit into them. This set was an old Paul Diamond set and is quarter sized!

I thew this in my close up case and have been playing with it in my roving close up at the fair. I’m familiar with many coin box moves, so adding this is pretty easy. Just because I don’t do something, doesn’t mean I can’t do them or practice with that prop every now and then.

There’s not much to the routine that I’m doing and it’s basically following what comes in the instructions as far as flow of the effects. I did change a bit of the prop managment as the instructions are written for a performer that’s sitting and I perform standing.

The flow of effects is:

  • Coins go into box and coins penetrate into your hand
  • Coins won’t fit into the box when spectator tries
  • Coins now fit and you put the box without lid on your hand so the coins can be seen, then the box penetrates your hand leaving the coins on the back of your hand

Much to my surprise the part of the routine that’s getting the best reaction is when the audience can’t put the coins into the box. I’ve only read about the small box, and thought it was a dumb effect and I did up until the first time I tried it this week.

I love being wrong and having my opinion changes on things!

If you can find an O-Korto Coin Box set or a small box that matches your Okito box, you should give it a try.


A Peek Into My Library Show

Each year my library show is different from the previous summer’s show. I try to keep things out of the show for 2-3 years before anything can cycle back into the show.

Library magic show

My set list is pretty simple:

  • Nest of Boxes (warm up)
  • Eggbag / ball manipulation
  • Rat trap
  • cut and restored rope
  • Dad Jokes (or three shell game if the performing area has a screen)
  • Rising Card
  • Silk vanish (with snake wand surprise)
  • Troublewit
  • Nest of Boxes (reveal)

This is a solid show and while I never plan for my show to be a pack small, play big type of show, it’s always a bonus when it ends up that way!


Magic Monday in Seattle

Last week I popped by Magic Monday in Seattle. This is a fun magic show, that I think of as a magic open mic. It’s a place for me to work on new material, or knock the dust off of old routines that I haven’t done for a while. One of the fun things about the show is that there’s a huge mix in performance styles, and experience levels of the magicians.

The nice thing about this is after the show we all go downstairs to the pub and it’s a fun little magic jam! I have an idea for the Cards Across trick and I had Ruben Barron show me the one that he does (Las Vegas Leaper), which was helpful to me!


The Moisture Festival Podcast – Martika

On this episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast we welcome Martika Daniels. She tells us about growing up in the Military and how being stationed in Germany exposed her to circus arts and busking.

Martika Daniels

She tells us how stunts helped her deal with crippling anxiety and depression and how she weaves that message into her performances. We also discuss her new book that is available now. A great conversation with a fantastic person.