Genii Magazine review of Evaporation

The April 2014 issue of Genii magazine has a review of the Evaporation trick


“It’s a clever out of the box approach to vanishing liquid that you haven’t seen before.”
David Regal, Genii Magazine 4/2014

In the review David Regal compare my thinking to that of Stewart James! I’m a huge Stewart James fan. Many tricks that are popular today are built upon his tricks. Without Stewart James there would be no Dean’s Box.

You can learn more about Stewart James here:


Evaporation with Solids

Did you know you can modify you Evaporation gimmick and put into a jar that would hold solids like jellybeans?

So the effect would be you show a tub of jelly beans and pour some into a paper bag. You blow up the bag and pop it and the jelly beans turn into confetti!

Or how about a tub of popped popcorn and turns into popcorn kernels?

Evaporation – Raw Materials

Every gimmicked Evaporation bottle is handmade by me.  I start with a Sunny D bottle as it’s base.


Of course I can custom gimmick many different brands / types of bottles, but the stock version is a Sunny D bottle.

I empty each bottle and clean them out.  Then I install the gimmick and give them a leak test.  After that they are packaged up and shipped out!