Magician Mark Alan Using Evaporation!

The summer is just getting started and I’ve heard from a ton of magicians that they are using my Evaporation trick in their summer shows.  Here’s Mark Alan ( using it in his summer library tour:

10428039_10202277925616771_8409019545811172272_n 10444789_10202277926136784_5002492030652617865_n Magic trick for kids show Magic trick for kids show

Magic trick for kids show

Looks like everyone is having a fun time!

If you’ve got pictures or video of  you using the Evaporation trick in your show send them to me!


Evaporation Routines…

Do you already have the Evaporation trick or are you ordering one because you have a cool idea for something to do with it?

I’m thinking of putting together a booklet with routines using the Evaporation trick and mods to the gimmick or bottle.  If you’d like to share what you are doing let me know and try to include your idea it in the book.


Another Evaporation Review

The Evaporation trick just got a great review at “official review on the website

This is a very clever, very practical gimmick for vanishing liquid. You are supplied with a Sunny D bottle, written instructions, and a DVD that teaches you how to use the prop, and how to replace your gimmick…

…I’m not big on liquid tricks, but this seems very practical and usable. All the bases are covered. This is one of those props that each magician will have a different use for.

While the instructions aren’t the most glamorous, the prop is extremely usable, and does exactly what it’s advertised to do!

Four and a Half Stars

You can read the full review at


Knock Off Evaporation Bottles…

I’ve recently noticed that several magic companies overseas are knocking off my Evaporation trick. What gets me is that they are using illegally using ad copy, instructions, artwork and selling pirated versions of my DVD.

While I’d still be annoyed if they were knocking off my trick but using their own art, instructions, etc at least no one would be confused as to whether or not they are getting a legit product.  If you aren’t sure if you are here are a couple of easy ways to tell.

1. Sunny D Bottle:  If you are buying the trick from a magic dealer the gimmicked bottle will be a Sunny D bottle in either orange or red.  If it’s some other bottle and you didn’t get it from me as a custom build then it’s an illegal copy.

2. Bottle in English:  If your bottle’s wrapper is in a language other than English it’s a knock off.

Another thing that gets me is a lot of the time these aren’t even sold cheaper than what the retail for an authentic Evaporation trick costs.

Also keep in mind that if you buy an Evaporation trick that wasn’t made by me I will not provide any technical support!



Trick I think would be cool…

A magic trick that’s been in my head and I think would be cool is to have an empty coffee cup on the table. You pour coffee, milk and sugar into it and Then mix it up with a spoon. when you turn it over black coffee comes out which you pour into a small glass. Then you tip it over second time and milk comes and finally the third time pouring out dry sugar, leaving you with an empty cup.

I don’t have a method for this yet.

I think the evaporation gimmick would help out in achieving this effect. I also think the spoon would be a good way to steal or add something into the cup.

If you have any ideas feel free to let me know!