Snake Wand Surprise

Snake Wand Surprise $200

Snake Wand Surprise magic trick

Take your kid’s show to the next level!

Magician Louie Foxx is one of the busiest performers today. His creative thinking and routines are what have taken him to the top of his game. His latest offering is a great example of his creative genius.

Louie has taken the classic Jumbo Snake Wand and put it on steroids!

At some point during your show you take out a jumbo wand and 2 spring snakes jump out. The kids will go crazy as you try to put them back into the wand and they keep jumping out.

Then whenever you want you can cause a load of 12 additional spring snakes to shoot out of the wand! This production of a dozen spring snakes takes a very funny bit and turns it into over the top, side splitting comedy!

If you are a kid show or family entertainer you know that this prop is worth its weight in GOLD!

Snake Wand Surprise $200