Table Loading…

I’m excited that my table dice holder that I was 3d printing yesterday turned out and works great! It’s for the final two dice production of my Cee-lo cup and dice routine. Here’s the finished holder:

magic dice holder

The holder has a notch in the bottom for my finger to contact the bottom of the dice and then to lift straight up to load them into the cup. Here’s this loading procedure in a test video:

This is way better than loading from the pocket for video! I’m glad I spent the time to make it and wasn’t okay with doing it the way I’ve always done it.

Red Evaporation Trick

How I’m using the Evaporation trick in my show right now is pretty simple.  I take pour red liquid into a cup and when I turn the cup over a red ball falls out.  Not much to it.


There is one little thing that I sometimes have to do to the liquid.  Sometimes the liquid it too clear, so I have to make it a little more opaque.  How I do that is simple add a few drops of non-dairy creamer to it and that makes it cloudy.


Using non-dairy creamer makes cleaning up the bottle little bit easier.  Something in the dairy that makes the bottle get a little gross over time.  There’s no reason why you can’t use milk, or half and half as long as you clean the bottle well after each use.



Red Evaporation

Lately I’ve been using the RED version of the Evaporation trick.  Since I travel frequently I don’t always have the same access to juice that I’d have at home.  For example when I travel my “orange juice” is actually Tang.  For the red juice when I travel am am staying at a hotel that has breakfast I use the following concoction:

Fill the bottle to the desired level with cranberry juice.  This will work, however I prefer my juice a little darker, so I add a drop or two of coffee creamer and that will make the juice opaque.

Hope that helps!


Salt Pour Magic Trick

I’ve always loved the salt pour trick, but the initial steal of the gimmick has always looked shifty. I’ve never seen any do the steal where it didn’t look like something was going on.

A good solution is is a gimmicked salt shaker, so you are eliminating the steal of the gimmick. An Al Baker Salt Shaker is a great way to do this…if you can find one as they are no longer manufactured.

Another option is the Vernet Etherial Salt Shaker, however I think it looks like a trick salt shaker.


Finally it hit me, why not gimmick a large glass salt shaker like the Evaporation gimmick. You’ll get a pour that looks similar to the Al Baker Salt Shaker during the pour, but will be much easier to set and operate.

I’m currently audience testing it right now an so far seems to be working…

Gatorade Evaporation

A lot of people have been asking me to make a Gatorade version of Evaporation. Currently it’s only available as a custom bottle. Here’s a 32 ounce fruit punch gimmicked Gatorade bottle:


The bottle for this has an additional gimmick to allow you to change the pour angle a little bit. I’m testing the Gatorade bottle in my show right now to make sure there are any unforeseen issues with the bottle. Hopefully I will have this available by the end of Stummer as an standard item.


Evaporation with Solids

Did you know you can modify you Evaporation gimmick and put into a jar that would hold solids like jellybeans?

So the effect would be you show a tub of jelly beans and pour some into a paper bag. You blow up the bag and pop it and the jelly beans turn into confetti!

Or how about a tub of popped popcorn and turns into popcorn kernels?

Naked Evaporation

Someone recently asked me if they can use the Evaporation bottle without the label on it. The answer is yes!

Here’s an Evaporation bottle with the gimmick set:


And here’s the Evaporation bottle after the pour:


Depending on what type of liquid you want to use you may have to change the color of the gimmick. If you have the DVD that came with your Evaporation trick then you know how to change it.

There is one small mod you’ll have to do to the liquid if you are using real SunnyD or Tang. Simply take a drop of red food coloring and add it to the liquid.


Confetti Mod…

You can make little changes to the bottle to enable you to steal various things.  For example if you want to turn the juice to confetti here’s a quick little mod for the bottle:

That’s an easy mod that will take you 5 mins to do and is non-permanent, so if it doesn’t work for you it’s no big deal to scrape off the glue.


Using Evaporation to Steal a Production Load…

Here’s a simple little gimmick mod that you can quickly do to your Evaporation bottle to allow you to steal something like a production coil:

I’m frequently asked about what I use for my production coils.  They are simply cloth ribbon that I get from a craft store.  I reuse them and simply wind them up using  a straw with a notch cut into it.


Baby Bottle Evaporation…

A little while ago I made a custom Evaporation bottle out of a baby bottle:

Did you notice that there was no label on the bottle? The very early versions of the Evaporation gimmick was built into single serving milk bottles without labels like the ones you’d by in a gas station.

The reason I switched to using Orange or Red colored juice is the color “pops” against most backgrounds.  For example when doing school assemblies against a gym wall  which are typically colored white it can make the liquid hard to see.

I can gimmick make many different types of bottles with the Evaporation gimmick.  Not every type of bottle works with the gimmick, however many do.  Feel free to give me a call at 206-669-3928 to chat about customizing an Evaporation bottle for you.