Evaporation Routine

When I created the Evaporation gimmick I used it in my show for a routine that I only teach at my magic lectures (for now). I haven’t done this routine in my show for a while, in fact I stopped doing this routine about the time I started marketing the trick.

THEN…magicians would come to my shows and ask me why I didn’t use the Evaporation in my shows.  So I sat down and wrote an new routine at the beginning of the summer and I’ve done it over a hundred times over the summer. It’s a solid routine that runs about 8 minutes and has a lot of laughs.   If you are in the Fresno, CA area I’m performing the next 13 days at the Big Frenso Fair and I’ll be doing this routine all day in my shows. Come out and check out a show and see how I’m personally using the Evaporation gimmick


Honestly I think the new routine is better than the old one, has less prep an is easier to do.  Also if you’re in the Fresno area I’m doing a magic lecture on 10/6 and will teach both routines that I’ve done with the Evaporation trick.