Evaporation in a Family Show

I use Evaporation in several shows that I present.  Currently I use it in my Kid’s Show and my Family Show.  If you don’t know the difference between a Kid’s Show and a Family Show it’s the difference in ratio between kids and adults.  There is typically one adult per 20-30 kids at a Kid’s Show and closer to a 1 -1 ratio at a Family Show.

Here’s my Evaporation gimmick set and ready to go inside the lid of my case:




I use the inside of the lid of my case as a shelf to keep props on.   People always ask me what the stuff inside my case is, so from left to right you have:  Flea Circus Props, Post Cards, Two Silver Dollars, Evaporation, and some Confetti.


Confetti Mod…

You can make little changes to the bottle to enable you to steal various things.  For example if you want to turn the juice to confetti here’s a quick little mod for the bottle:

That’s an easy mod that will take you 5 mins to do and is non-permanent, so if it doesn’t work for you it’s no big deal to scrape off the glue.