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How to Perform For Seniors $35

How to perform for seniors book by louie foxx

Learn the secrets to booking your show at retirement facilities and senior centers. This market is starved for entertainment and this book teaches you who and how to contact to schedule shows. If you’re a magician, juggler, clown or variety performer this untapped market can add tons of shows to your schedule!

Multiple Bookings A Year Per Client!

The senior market needs entertainers, they even have a budget set aside specifically for entertainment every month. There is a tremendous lack of interactive entertainment in this market, you will be filling a huge void! The beauty of this market is that you can book your show more than once a year, sometimes as much as once a month, per client!

You Don’t Have To Have A “World Class” Act

You don’t have to have a top notch act either, they aren’t expecting you to be David Copperfield! Don’t get me wrong, you should have rehearsed show. In fact this market is what all the top pro’s call “a place to be bad, and get good”.

Having a place to be bad is the biggest secret to all the big names in magic’s success. They had a place to get hundreds of hours of “flight time” for their show in front of real live people, not just the mirror in their bedrooms.

Easily Book A Ton Of These Shows

This market will be the easiest to work for. In this course you will learn how to talk to the decision maker, and have them happy to hear from you!

You can book hundreds of shows in the senior market every year, and they will gladly work around your schedule to get you to perform for their group!

Unlike other markets when they call you for a show that will take place three and a half months from now. With this market you can book book shows that will take place as soon as 2-4 weeks from now!

The work in this market isn’t seasonal, you will have the same amount of work year round. No more lean months. When working in this market, January is a good a month as your summer months.

You Can Take Your Show On The Road

If you’ve always wanted to take your show on the road, you can. When working this market you can go on tour, and you don’t need a ton of equipment either. When traveling my entire show fits in a small suitcase!

Any Type Of Act Can Do It

Whether you are a children’s entertainer, corporate entertainer, comedy entertainer or any other variety entertainer this market will give you tons of extra work.

This course is written from a magician’s perspective because that’s the kind of entertainment I do, but it can and will work for clowns, jugglers, or any type of variety entertainer!

Won’t Interfere With Other Shows

The shows in the senior market take place on weekdays, during the daytime. They won’t take up your prime days and times for other shows like weekends and evenings.

About The Course

The How To Performing For Seniors course will teach you everything you need to know about this market in 111 pages.
In this course not only will you learn my system for booking these shows, but also includes:

  • Tons of copyright free letters: All you have to do is plug your information into the letters and you can get started right away!
  • Complete phonescript for incoming and outgoing phone calls: No more studdering trying to think of what to say next!
  • All of the business forms: Every single form that I use is included. You won’t have to learn through trial and error what questions to ask!

The course is broken down into three sections:

1. Your Act:

  • Using audience participation
  • How to uses humor
  • and much more!

2. The Business Side:

  • All of my business forms that I uses to save me time and make me money!
  • Copies of the letters that I use to dominate this market (these are worth 10 times the price of this course!)
  • The phone scripts I use to close 99% of incoming calls and 90% of outgoing calls!
  • Learn who to makes the decisions to book your show so you don’t waste your time dealing with anyone who isn’t the booker!
  • How to book corporate gigs directly from doing these shows!
  • and much more!

3. Tips and Advice:

  • Tons of tips and advice learned over many years as a professional performer!

How to Perform For Seniors $35


“This course will save you time, effort and money in breaking into a new venue that will welcome you with smiles and money! Well thought out… would take you years to learn all of this!”
– Thomas Jorgenson – Los Angeles, CA

I had 2 shows booked on Fri, within 24 hours of the mailing. Well today, Monday, I had ANOTHER 5 shows booked. Plus it is only 4 PMS so I may get another call. MAN!! This system is a license to print money!!! Do us a favor, don’t tell anyone else about it. Just kidding with that, but This system of yours is a real income producer”
– Peter Lansing

“I wanted to write and tell you all about the success I’ve had with your course. Two weeks after getting your course in the mail I booked 20 shows! The senior market is dying for good entertainment and a magic show is something different for them. Everyone I spoke with was thrilled and excited about this new show I offered…Now talk about simple I did this in a matter of two weeks and I took my time.

I have no doubt that someone could take this course and in as little as one week get amazing results as I have. Thank you again this course has proven to be one of the most valuable and fastest turn around investments I have made.”

– Bill Anderson – Denver, CO

“I want to be the only one making money this way! Follow it to the letter and stop working your day job.”
– Ruben Barron – Seattle, WA

How to Perform For Seniors $35

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