How To Work On Your Show – The 6 R’s

When I was starting out in magic, every gave me a lot of advice about what I should or shouldn’t do, but no one ever taught me how to actively work on my show. Over the years I figured out a system to create new acts and improve the show that I had been doing for years. I call this the 6 R’s to working on your show.

Each step is a word that starts with an “R” and every step will help you jump start a new routine or polish an existing routine in your show.

The How To Work on Your Show Download is a 45 minute lecture that I presented for the KAX virtual convention in 2022. In addition to learning the 6 R’s and how to implement them, you’ll get resources on things like how to transcribe your show easily and I also interview other variety performers how they work on their shows. You’ll hear from a magician, a juggler, a corporate entertainer, singers and the legendary magician Nick Lewin on how they work on their shows.

The download is $15 and will be emailed to you within 24 hours of ordering.
$15 How To Work On Your Show Download