Magic Magazine Review of Evaporation!

The August issue of Magic Magazine has a review of the Evaporation Trick. Here’s a quick quote from it:

“Louie Foxx makes vanishing liquid look better than ever…Whether for children or adults, comedy or serious magic, Evaporation modernizes a strong visual classic trick in the simplest and cleverest of ways.”

It’s a great review of the trick, check it out when the magazine starts getting delivered!




Why Orange Colored Liquid?

I frequently get asked why the standard Evaporation gimmick is Orange SunnyD. There are several reasons why this is the main gimmicked bottle. One of these reasons is visibility.

For example if you used milk in the classic Magic Milk Pitcher the white liquid would virtually disappear if you were performing against a white background. You will find white backgrounds in places like:

School Gyms: Very frequently when doing school assemblies you will have a white or light gray gym wall behind you.

Theaters: I’ve performed at many performance venues in variety shows where my show took place in front of a giant white movies screen that another act was using.

Outdoor Shows: When performing at a fair or festival usually your stage will have a canopy with a walled side behind you. The majority of these that I have encountered are white.

By using a juice that is bright colored and not a color that typically appears as the main color of a backdrop you are increasing visibility for the trick. I’m sure at some point I’ve done a show in front of a bright orange background, but those are few and far between. Of course to solve this problem 100% of the time you could simply order two Evaporation gimmicks, one in orange and one in red.


Evaporation -shipping delay

This is a quick heads up to let you know I’ll be out of town from 7/6/14 to 7/16/14. If you place an order for an Evaporation trick it won’t ship until 7/17/14 when I’m back.

If you need one right away call Market Magic Shop at 206-624-4271 they have some in stock and can ship you one right away!


Evaporation Routine…

Here’s a picture of the end of one of the routines that I’m using the Evaporation trick in:



This summer I’ve been working on two routines using my Evaporation bottle.  I’m hoping to write them up sometime soon and offer them in a book of routines with the gimmick.