Out For Beers

Out For Beers $19

out for beers magic trick by louie foxx

Out for Beers combines a brand new gag card, with a solid classic magic principle to create a fun, and memorable experience for your audience that they can take home with them!

After doing this your audiences will be thanking you for the free beer!

Effect:  You offer your audience a “free pitcher of beer”, and give them a gag card that says, “free picture of beer” that shows a full pitcher of beer and has a space for their name.  You write their name on the card and give it to them.  When they look at the card again, the picture of the pitcher is now empty! 

“That is too funny…. I love this!!” 

Paul Romhany

“I’m punch drunk over Louie Foxx’s Out For Beers!. Get the breathalyers, I’m blown away!”

Jonathan Friedman

Here’s What You Get:
*Gimmicked card to show the full beer pitcher
*50 cards showing the empty pitcher
*Rubber band
*BONUS: 5 extra cards that show the full beer pitcher

Out For Beers $19

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