Vanishing Cup

Another use for the Evaporation trick would be for a magic effect where a cup or bowl with liquid disappears like in this :

vanishing bowl

However using the Evaporation gimmick that will turn this into a one person trick. You could use an cup / bowl, cloth and a servante on the table and you Are good to go! Or you could use a use a tray, cup/bowl and cloth. Since there’d be no liquid in the cup or bowl you could do the “move” yourself and simply toss the tray into your case.

No mess or extra people.

Stocking Up on Evaporation!

One of my sources for the correct bottle to use in the Evaporation Trick had them on sale this week, so I bought them out!



There are several reasons why I use this specific bottle to install the evaporation gimmick into.  The liquid color is fairly opaque which hides the gimmick better than a more see through liquid.  Also this specific Sunny D bottle’s shape works better and is easier to install the gimmick into than  most juice bottles.


Naked Evaporation

Someone recently asked me if they can use the Evaporation bottle without the label on it. The answer is yes!

Here’s an Evaporation bottle with the gimmick set:


And here’s the Evaporation bottle after the pour:


Depending on what type of liquid you want to use you may have to change the color of the gimmick. If you have the DVD that came with your Evaporation trick then you know how to change it.

There is one small mod you’ll have to do to the liquid if you are using real SunnyD or Tang. Simply take a drop of red food coloring and add it to the liquid.


Evaporation Tests…

When I make up batches of Evaporation gimmicks I do it in batches of typically at least a dozen.



When I make them I also leak test each bottle to make sure they have working seals.  Sometimes in shipping the seal will get damaged, this has only happened a handful of time.  This is more likely when you order your Evaporation from a magic shop and there are other heavy  items in the box with it and the post office/UPS/ FedEx is practicing juggling with your box.  If that happens give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll get it sorted out for you.