Evaporation as a Kid’s Show Opener

Evaporation has a lot of uses besides my original routine for Juice in Light Bulb.  For example if you perform for kids here’s a way to work it into the show:

The coils I use I make myself from cloth ribbon and they are reusable.  I simply rewind them around a straw that has a notch cut out of it.


Wholesale Evaporation For Magic Shops…

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A bit about Evaporation…

Hello I’m Louie and I created Evaporation a little over a year ago to fill a need in my show to make some liquid disappear.  I wanted to do a Milk in Light Bulb type effect, but an updated version.  Honestly there is no reason for a lamp to be on stage, so I came up with a prop that justified having a light on stage, so one problem was solved.

The next hurdle was finding a way to make the liquid disappear.  Traditionally most magicians use a Magic Milk Pitcher to make the liquid disappear.  For me a Magic Milk Pitcher doesn’t fit the look of the show…and when was the last time you saw anything other than water served in a pitcher?    So for me I needed a new vessel to carry the liquid in.  I had to decide on if I wanted to try to build a Magic Milk Pitcher gimmick into a bottle or create something new.  I went the route to create a different method that would be more situated for a modern performing style.

After many failed attempts I finally came up with a design that worked reliably and had some nice bonus features.  For example you can juggle the Evaporation bottle with the gimmick set and then do the liquid vanish…Try that with a Magic Milk Pitcher!

Here’s a the demo video:

I used Evaporation in my show for a year before releasing it to the magic community in November of 2013.  The first year that Evaporation was in my show I used it in hundreds of performances across the country and in pretty much every performing condition imaginable. During the early shows using the gimmick I had pretty much everything that could go wrong go wrong, so you could say I worked out all the bugs for you.

I hope you like it!