Evaporation Ina Dove Act

I’ve always thought the Evaporation trick would make a great addition to a dove act. Here’s a little sequence that would run about a minute:

You show three handkerchiefs empty by shaking them out one at a time. Then bunch them up and then a bottle of milk appears. You do a few flair / juggling moves with the bottle. Finally you pour a bit of the milk into your fist and toss it out into the audience and mid air it turns into a dove!

The above sequence is pretty simple all it would require is the THIS Bottle Production and a Evaporation Bottle (milk version). Then you’d need to learn to do a few flair moves with the bottle and how to do a sleeve toss with a dove.


Gatorade Evaporation

A lot of people have been asking me to make a Gatorade version of Evaporation. Currently it’s only available as a custom bottle. Here’s a 32 ounce fruit punch gimmicked Gatorade bottle:


The bottle for this has an additional gimmick to allow you to change the pour angle a little bit. I’m testing the Gatorade bottle in my show right now to make sure there are any unforeseen issues with the bottle. Hopefully I will have this available by the end of Stummer as an standard item.


M U M Magazine review of Evaporation

The April 2014 issue of M U M Magazine which is the magazine for members of the Society of American Magicians has a review of my Evaporation trick.

“…it’s a perfect, long overdue update to the classic milk pitcher effect”
Payne – M*U*M Magazine (Society of American Magician’s magazine)

If you are a member of the SAM be sure to read the whole review and look up the August 2011 issue and read a little article about me and one of my tricks.


Pirated Evaporation DVD

There’s a company in China that is selling a pirated copy of the DVD that comes with the Evaporation trick. They are selling the DVD only, without eh gimmick.

the DVD is designed to compliment the physical gimmick, and not as a standalone product. so there are no instructions on how to actually make the gimmick on the DVD. So if you buy an illegal copy of the DVD I WILL NOT provide any technical support.

If you buy an unauthorized copy The only thing I can do is ask you to return it to whoever you bought it from and ask for a full refund.