Evaporation Shipping Delay

I’m out of town from 1/31/14 to 2/10/14, so all Evaporation orders placed during that period will ship out on 2/11/14 when I return.

If you would like / need an Evaporation trick sooner here are some magic shops that had them IN STOCK as of the time of writing this:

Market Magic Shop (Seattle, WA): 206-624-4271 or http://marketmagicshop.com/shop/viewitem.php?productid=912

Max’s Magic Shop (Alburquerque, NM): 505-255-2303

Hocus Pocus (CA): 559-266-5150


Using Evaporation to Steal a Production Load…

Here’s a simple little gimmick mod that you can quickly do to your Evaporation bottle to allow you to steal something like a production coil:

I’m frequently asked about what I use for my production coils.  They are simply cloth ribbon that I get from a craft store.  I reuse them and simply wind them up using  a straw with a notch cut into it.


Evaporation FAQ

I’ve had a lot of people contact me asking similar question about Evaporation.  Some of the common ones are:

  1. Can you appear to pour the liquid out slowly?
  2. Can you pour liquid out before the vanish?
  3. Can you pour liquid out after the vanish?
  4. Can you shake the bottle and see the liquid slosh?

Instead of simply telling you the answers I thought it might be helpful to show you the answers:

Hope that helped!


Baby Bottle Evaporation…

A little while ago I made a custom Evaporation bottle out of a baby bottle:

Did you notice that there was no label on the bottle? The very early versions of the Evaporation gimmick was built into single serving milk bottles without labels like the ones you’d by in a gas station.

The reason I switched to using Orange or Red colored juice is the color “pops” against most backgrounds.  For example when doing school assemblies against a gym wall  which are typically colored white it can make the liquid hard to see.

I can gimmick make many different types of bottles with the Evaporation gimmick.  Not every type of bottle works with the gimmick, however many do.  Feel free to give me a call at 206-669-3928 to chat about customizing an Evaporation bottle for you.


Glass Evaporation Bottles…

Quite often people are surprised when they hear that I can put the Evaporation gimmick into glass bottles.  Some of my early experiments with Evaporation were using glass bottles, however if you are traveling with your show (like me) having it in plastic is much easier.  You don’t have to pack it in its own case to ensure the glass doesn’t crack.

In a version of my flea circus I use a glass Yoo Hoo bottle:

The basic routine for me Flea Circus can be found in Vanish Magazine Edition 11 under the title Twenty Five Dollar Flea Circus.