Salt Pour Magic Trick

I’ve always loved the salt pour trick, but the initial steal of the gimmick has always looked shifty. I’ve never seen any do the steal where it didn’t look like something was going on.

A good solution is is a gimmicked salt shaker, so you are eliminating the steal of the gimmick. An Al Baker Salt Shaker is a great way to do this…if you can find one as they are no longer manufactured.

Another option is the Vernet Etherial Salt Shaker, however I think it looks like a trick salt shaker.


Finally it hit me, why not gimmick a large glass salt shaker like the Evaporation gimmick. You’ll get a pour that looks similar to the Al Baker Salt Shaker during the pour, but will be much easier to set and operate.

I’m currently audience testing it right now an so far seems to be working…