Large Scale Projection…

In Seattle we recently got our first NHL team, which is exciting. I finally made it out to a hockey game at our team’s first season. At the game for the preshow and the filler during the intermissions, they used the ice as a projector screen

This got me thinking about how to use space like that in a magic show. The rough thing is that in most venues that I would perform in the entire audience wouldn’t be able to see the floor.

They did a bit where they played bingo with specific sections, it was produced well, they lit the four sections that were playing and the bingo cards were projected on the floor.

It was a great use of the ice as a screen and the way they lit the audience made it play well.

I wonder if for a magic trick you could have essentially a bingo card that was projected onto the stage and people stand on numbers. You then have some process to eliminate people and end up predicting the final person standing.

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