Getting Paid to Work on my Show!

Last week I was working with a buddy and one of my creative partners at a fair in Arizona. It’s always great when I do a gig with him because we work on our shows while at the gig!

He hadn’t see me do my linking pin / thumb tie routine before and with his help the routine made a huge leap forward!

If you don’t have a brainstorm group or someone to bounce ideas off, you’re missing out of growing your show quickly. I highly recommend hanging out with other performers that you like or trust and getting their input on your show!


Preshow’ing your show

One of the great things about performing at fairs is getting to see all of the other acts at the fairgrounds! You can learn a lot from watching other acts!

One of the huge lessons is watching everyone’s preshow audience build/warm up. The different act have different goals with their starting audience. Some want as many people as possible and some want to select their audience and try to get the people who aren’t into what they do to leave. Neither approach is right or wrong, but which ever way you do it, it should be intentional!

Tomorrow my week starts with performing at the Moisture Festival in Seattle. This is a variety arts festival and the shows are in a theater, so I don’t get to try to select my audience. I get to perform for whoever bought a ticket. This festival is a blast, so it’ll be fun!


Spirit Rapping Hand

A long time ago I made a mold of a vintage spirit rapping hand that I had acquired and then made a few hand out of resin. (You can read the post about it here).I sold them a long time ago, but someone contacted me asking me to make them one. I has some time, so I made him one:

It turned out well! These hands are kind of a pain to make, so it’s something I don’t offer on my online catalog. However if you want one, feel free to contact me and if I have some time available, I’ll gladly make you one!

The Linking Ring Parade!

I finally got to see the physical copy of my fourth parade in the Linking Ring Magazine!

The linking ring one man parade

It’s got about a 10 magic tricks in it. I think I need to write at least one more parade for the Linking Ring so that I have an even five!

If you’re a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians check it out in the March 2024 issue!


20 min magic show in 44 seconds

Last month I performed in a magic show in California with five other magicians. Here’s the highlight reel of my show:

@louiefoxx 20 min comedy magic show in 44 seconds! #hermosabeach #magic #comedymagic #california #louiefoxx #hoopandcup #balancing ♬ original sound – Louie Foxx

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Economy Of Motion

When I was at Tokyo Disneyland at the magic shop, one of the things that stood out to me was how the demonstrator moved his hands. There was no wasted motion, it was very efficient.

Tokyo Disneyland magic shop

One of the things with sleight of hand is Economy of Motion. You don’t want more motion than is necessary to do the sleight of hand, or you want to try to reduce motion. However that is with hidden motion, and it doesn’t necessarily apply to the visible motions that are made openly. Sometimes doing something like taking a card and putting it into the deck doesn’t need to look efficient or slick. It can look sloppy and that sloppiness can hide the sleight of hand, or enhance the effect.

A good example of where I try to be less efficient is when I do card to wallet. I used to be soo efficient with removing the card from the wallet that some of the effect was lost. Now I take my time opening the wallet and fumble while pulling out the card. That reinforces that the card doesn’t fit easily into the wallet, so I couldn’t have easily snuck it into it!

Take a peek at what you do and figure out when to have as few motions as possible and when you need more!


Beast’s Transformation!

When I was at Tokyo Disneyland one of their new attractions is the Beauty and the Beast ride. At one point in it the Beast turns into a human and it was one of the most magical things that I’ve seen in person with my eyes!

It’s super cool, however something like this would be unrealistic in 99.99999% of any magic shows as the staging/lighting it would take to do it wouldn’t travel well…or handle being moved very well. That said, I think the bar of what magic tricks can be is being raised by things that aren’t presented in magic shows. There’s soo much amazing stuff that’s just out there for the general public that it proves Arthur Clarke’s third law.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

We’re leaving the days of having a bad trick with a good presentation being acceptable, and entering a world where you need a good trick with a good presentation. Honestly, I would argue that we’ve been in that world for at least a decade and most magicians have just been unwilling to accept it!


New Vanishing Birdcage

It’s always fun to get to test a magic product. I recently got a chance to play with a birdcage that someone is taking to market…or planning to.

Vanishing Birdcage

This one has a nice action and I gave some notes to the maker. Hopefully it will fill the gap between what’s currently available. Right now for a new cage your options are basically the $40 India cage or $1,500-$2,000 for the cages made by Daniel Summers. There’s really no mid range cage, just cheap or super nice.


Der Kleine Zauberer Magic Set

I’m always hunting out unusual things and recently came across a magic kit without a box. I immediately recognized the style of the props as Der Kleine Zauberer magic set from Germany. This set is from around 1900, so it’s 125 years old!

der Kleine Zauberer magic set

It has most of the instructions which are written in German, French and English.

der Kleine Zauberer

This set is almost complete, it’s missing the box and a couple of small props. I really wish it had the box as that’s where the value would be. However the props look cool on a shelf without the box. I’m glad to have rescued this magic set!


Jason Bishop at the Comedy and Magic Club

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Hermosa Beach performing at the theater there, I had a night off and I got to finally visit the Comedy and Magic Club!

comedy and magic club

The night I went was the night they have 10 comics and each does about 10 minutes.

comedy and magic club

It’s an interesting format, there’s no MC. Each act intros the act after them and when only doing 10 mins, it’s a super punchy show!

The night I was there magician Jason Bishop was performing. I got to know him a little bit when we were recording Masters of Illusion in 2019. Jason’s got a great style that fit well into a show with a bunch of comics. He did a great job addressing the change from comedians telling to jokes to him doing magic. He had a quick remark about it and got into the magic.

He opened with Balance (Joshua Jay) and had a great routine for it. I’d only seen it done on internet videos previously and wasn’t impressed by it. However after seeing it live, I like the trick a lot more. I feel like there was a middle trick, but I don’t remember it. He closed with doing a bit with his dog that began with a few comedy bits with it and ended with the vanish of the dog!

I’m glad I had a night off in Hermosa Beach and spent it at the Comedy and Magic Club!