The Moisture Festival Podcast – Kiki Hood

This episode we’re joined by the multi talented Kiki Hood! You know Kiki from the Fremont Philharmonic Orchestra which is one of the Moisture Festival’s show bands.

This week Kiki tells us about locating rare books, how to super charge a kazoo and what a Panto is! This is a super fun interview that you’ll love!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – PAZ

On this episode we are joined via zoom with the multi talented Paz. From his car he tells us about the origins of his name, how tennis led him to law school and how law school led him to the circus.

We talk about creating shows that combine circus with other popular pastimes and how by doing so it has allowed Paz to travel the world. A great conversation with a man who does just about everything.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – La Petite Mort

On this episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast we are joined by the lovely La Petite Mort. We talk about how being a runway model led her to finding her voice and how that led her to becoming a performance artist.

We talk about what goes into developing her acts and how she curates her own shows to build up the community. We talk about the rave scene and what Gorelesque is. A fun interview with a wonderful person, we hope you love it.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Camille Swift

On this episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast we welcome in our first Ariel artist Camille Swift. We talk with Camille about the different types of ariel that exists, we also learn about Camille’s involvement in a number of different types of artistic disciplines.

camille swift

We also talk about her visual art, her interest in cryptozoology and what inspires her to create such beautiful pieces. A great interview with some fantastic insights into the world of ariel.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Zero Boy

This week on the Moisture Festival Podcast connect from the three corners of the USA to bring you ZeroBoy!

The moisture festival podcast - zeroboy

We talk about his start as a performer, the different characters he performs as and how he developed his unique sound! You’re going to love this episode!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Dr Owl

This week Matt takes the week off and Louie does a solo interview with Dr Owl Jester! They meet up in a dressing room at the Evergreen State fair where they both were performing.

In this podcast we learn about what kind of doctor Dr. Owl Jester is and the interesting places that the doctoring has taken him. We chat about how how he got into performing and doing just about ever job possible at the moisture festival from security, to lights to performing onstage!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Coventry and Kaluza

The moisture festival podcast tries something they have never done before by interviewing two performers over zoom and who better to try it out with then the fabulous Coventry and Kaluza.

We learn about how clown college led to love and a career making people laugh. We also learn about the dynamics of working as a team and how they take things from their everyday life and add them to the show. A great conversation that we know you are gonna love

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Just Felice

In this episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast we triangulate locations over zoom and welcome in Just Felice. We learn about how she got started in magic, how she wrote her thesis on street performing and how that inspired her to start doing street shows herself.

We also learn about how she uses her comedy to turn stereotypes on it’s head and what inspired her to take that approach. She also teaches us what an Ethnographer is and how to pronounce it. A great conversation with a great mind in the performing world. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Backstage Interviews

We’re still hanging out backstage at the 2022 Moisture Festival chatting with the performers and people that make the festival happen!

The backstage hang out is one of the highlights for the performers, and we know you’ll enjoy hanging out via the podcast!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – A day at the festival

Today the Moisture Festival Podcast takes you behind the curtain of the 2022 festival! Matt and Louie take you through a day as an artist at the festival and we chat with the volunteers that make the festival happen!!

The moisture festival