Straight Suit

straight suit by louie foxx

Straight Suit $275

Directly from the repertoire of seasoned performer and comedy magician Louie Foxx comes an this visually hilarious and unconventional escape!

Are you looking for a new comedy escape for family shows? The Straight Suit is Louie Foxx’s hilarious take on the straitjacket escape that will get BIG reactions!

EFFECT: You are strapped into the Straight Suit, which is like a straitjacket except that it’s a full body restraint. While you struggle to escape the suit suddenly inflates and fills up with air! This is where the fun comes in, while you wiggle to escape you cause the suit to gyrate in all sorts of crazy ways before you finally escape!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly people whip out their cellphones and start taking pictures!

The Suit is one size fits most.
Requires two 9 volt batteries (not included)
Comes as a RED Straight Suit.

Straight Suit $275