Placeholder $20 $15

Effect: You show a deck of cards that’s in new deck order. A card is selected, but kept in place in the deck of cards, so the whole deck stays in order. Now the spectator spreads the cards and their card is now blank card in its place in the deck that’s in new deck order!

Now for the 1990’s style dealer’s ad stuff.

Only 52 cards are used

Instant reset
No rough and smooth
No Sticky stuff
No Flap cards
No Hinge cards
No Sleight of hand

Here’s a video where you can see a full unedited performance of Placeholder:

Now for the honest part that wouldn’t be in a 1990’s dealers ad. This trick does use a force and as a bonus you’ll get an bonus extra gimmicked card so that you can do this with a different card!

For a second bonus, you’ll get a double blank card, so that if you want the card at the end of the trick to be blank on both sides you can do that!

AND you get additional routine ideas for Placeholder!

Placeholder is $20, but I’m offering an introductory sale, so right now you can get this for only $15 with USA shipping included!

Placeholder $20 $15