Straight Up Fork Bending…

A couple of years ago I created a original (as far as I know) method for making a fork bend. The cool thing about it is I never touch the fork that bends. This came about when I was chatting with a mentalist about metal bending and asked a stupid question, “does anyone do a spoon straightening routine?” He said that a lot of the optical illusion parts of the method probably wouldn’t work as well with the bend going backwards.

That conversation put the thought in my head, and I ended up creating a method and publishing it in Vanish Magazine called The Perceptive Bend.

In the picture above you see the lady confirming the two forks are exactly the same before one of the forks bends in her hand. I think the method should be pretty obvious if you reread the first paragraph of this post, or you can track down Vanish Magazine issue 57 (I think it’s that issue).

I don’t normally do metal bending in my roving show, however I had a bunch of forks leftover from doing it virtual shows, I took them to the fair to use them up. After doing it live this week, I’m thinking of adding it to my roving at fairs. It gets a really good reaction, and I think I’ve finally figured out how it fits in with how I perform.

World of Wonders!!!

Today I start my run with World of Wonders side show in Minot, North Dakota! I’m performing with them from July 23rd to July 31st, 2021.

This is going to be a change from how I normally perform. Usually I am the fully show, where in this show, I’m doing two short bits that are separated (not back to back). This is a different style of performing than what I’m used to, there’s less time to get people to like you, it’s more about the trick than the person presenting the trick.

The two bits I’m doing are the Hoop and Cup balancing act and my Spoon Stunt. One thing I learned hosting a stage at a fair last week is that the spoon plays a lot better when it’s not the first thing you see me do. You need to like me a little bit and it will play a lot better.

I’m very excited to see how my two acts play over the next nine days!

Final Library!

It’s been a very unusual summer performing season for me. After having last year off, I’m only doing two library gigs, one was virtual that already happened and today I’m doing my only in person one. This one is booked through an agency instead of direct. I think in my career I’ve only done one other library that was through an agency.

When I was contacted the agent asked if I could do a show based on the library’s theme. I told the agent that I wasn’t doing a themed summer reading show this year as I’m not doing enough to make it worth it. I suggested I do my reading assembly show, the agent then countered with, just do your regular show and say themes slogan a couple of times. I told him to pitch the reading show, and the library booked that show.

The problem with people who come in and do their normal show and just say a slogan in it, they devalue all the people who put time into creating a custom show. The librarian will think that is what every magician does, when there are some people out there doing some really cool, custom shows for them.

I do understand that sometimes you gotta go in and take the cash, but that’s a one off thing. Don’t make a habit of doing it!


A friend of mine was in Seattle for a gig and we hung out this afternoon. He brought a loteria set from San Antonio with him. I’d never seen this game before, and from what I’ve learned it’s like bingo. You get large cards with multiple images on them and a deck of cards with a single image on each card.

My buddy asked me if there was a trick that could be done with the cards and here’s what I came up with;

I think that the trick could be made easier by simply cutting the deck so it’s a stripper deck and doing a glide to force the large card instead of the drop force. However doing it with ungimmicked props has a lot of advantages, like it being impromptu!

Even More Key of Fate…

A few weeks ago I wrote about working on Luca Vulpe’s Key of Fate, you can read about it in these posts:

The big change to the initial changes I made is that originally I was using four keys with three spectators, with the idea that I none of them would win, and then I’m surprised when one of them wins. I’m now doing it with three keys and three spectators, so that one of them is going to win, and two lose. I think knowing that one is guaranteed to be a winner, and it’s a game takes some of the sting out of the two that don’t win.

The other change is the prize. I’m forcing the prize as a bar of soap. This prize is something funny, easy to travel with or acquire in any city and for some reason the kids who have won it seem to be excited about it!

I just ordered a box of hotel soap:

It’s pretty cheap, coming in at less than 50 cents per bar. I bought a box of fifty, so I’m kinda committed to doing this routine fifty times, unless it really starts falling flat with audiences.

Performing with restrictions…

I’m still figuring out how to navigate the COVID restrictions on my show this week. The audiences are out and out to have fun, so that’s a good thing!

One thing I’ve noticed is that this fair’s policy is that the people attending wear masks. As you can see in picture about half of the people are wearing masks.

I think moving forward after the mask mandates end, when doing close up, I’m going to still wear a mask. I’ll wear it for when I approach the group and ask if they’re a “mask or no mask group”.

Back on the Road…

After about 19 months, I’m back out on the road performing at state and county fairs across the USA. This week I’m at the San Mateo County Fair in San Mateo, California. Having a wide scope of what my work is this week made me pack pretty much everything!

My “road tip” is that I never leave my show in my car at the hotel overnight. This is the stuff that I need to do my show, and if I don’t have it, I can’t do my show. Yes, I can do a show with things from the local walmart, but that’s not the show that was hired, or the show that I want to do.

Lugging all your gear to your room adds 10 mins to your day, but it’s way better than getting your car broken into and you losing your show!

Magic Art Buttons!

The other day I ended up acquiring a button making machine from a friend who was getting rid of it. I’ve always loved the art in older magic books and I think they make cool buttons. Here’s a few that I made:

I went to a used bookstore and bought a couple of cheap magic books and cut these out of them. I’ll probably throw these in with orders of my magic products that I ship out. Also, if I ever end up as a dealer at a magic convention again, I’ll probably have a fishbowl of them and sell them for a few bucks.

If you want one, they’re $7 shipped in the USA for a random one, I’ll just grab one and put it in an envelope.

Up Your Game…

Ugh, there’s a reason that people think magicians are cheesy. Here’s a post from facebook magic group:

This style of shirt was big in late 1990’s, and are pretty much out of fashion now. Also just because something has playing card pips on it, that doesn’t mean it’s good for a magician to wear.

I’m going to say that I’m not the most stylish magician out there, but if you dress like it’s 1999, you’ll be treated like a magician from 1998. I’m not saying there aren’t reasons to wear shirts like this, but there are more reasons not to than there are to wear them!