Splitting Image

Splitting Image $40 SOLD OUT

splitting Image magic trick

This is a new take on torn and restored bill and the mis-made dollar bill that will leave your audience with an amazing souvenir!

You borrow a phone and take a picture of the audience holding a dollar bill. You then rip the dollar into two pieces and then restore it into a single dollar bill, but inside out. Then when they look at the picture they took of the dollar with their phone, it magically changes into a picture of a mis-made dollar bill!

Works with Any Phone that has a Camera

No Apps to Download
No Funky Websites to Visit
No Internet Connection Needed
No Special Camera Settings

“Fantastic, I love it”

Steve Dobson

“Louie has miraculously mis-made the mis-made bill effect! Brilliant, visual and original! You have no excuse not to carry this EVERYWHERE!”

Jonathan Friedman

“Louie Foxx will probably be familiar to readers of Vanish Magazine from his excellent column and the routines he contributes. Louie and I met up recently in Las Vegas and he showed me this routine. I loved it. I have been performing it ever since and can assure you that it is an absolute winner. It even leaves the spectator with a very cool photographic souvenir. I consider this one of the finest new close-up items I have seen in years.

The effect is a decidedly different take on both the torn and restored bill and the mismade dollar bill. The performer borrows a phone and takes a picture of the spectator holding a dollar bill. The magician rips the dollar in two and then restores it into a single dollar bill that is now “inside out.” When when the spectator looks at the picture he took of the dollar with their phone, it has magically changed into a picture of the mismade dollar bill.

This item is GREAT magic with a series of surprises that will astound any layman. The phone is a genuine borrowed phone with no special apps, pre-work or Internet access needed. The two special bills are superbly made and take the Mis-Made Bill to a new level. This is one of these special effects that is as much fun to perform as it is too watch. At this price it is a bargain, heck at twice the price it would be a bargain. You will carry this trick with you and use it a lot.

Highly recommended.”

Nick Lewin

You get the necessary handmade gimmicked dollar bills to do this trick.

Splitting Image $40 SOLD OUT