The Moisture Festival Podcast – Live at the 2023 Festival!

On this very special episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast you get a tour of the Broadway Performance Hall by Tim Furst! In addition to the tour we run into Peter Irish, Kiki Hood, Micheal Evolution, the Food Folx and more!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Tim Furst

Moisture Festival founder, Tim Furst, joins the Moisture Festival Podcast. Tim talks about how being a conscientious objector to the war in Vietnam led him to learn to juggle and, subsequently, perform in the famous juggling troupe the Flying Karamazov Brothers.

Tim Furst Juggler

We hear some great stories about Tim’s tours with the Flying Karamazov Brothers across the world, appearing in the movie Jewel of The Nile, and how the Russian government thought they were agents of chaos. Tim also talks about what separates the Moisture Festival from other festivals and why it has been so successful.