My Life in Magic – Howard Thurston…

Sometimes the universe hands you a project you never knew you’d be working on. Last week I got a tip about an estate sale that had some magic stuff in it. The magician was named Carroll Wood, and was active in the first half of the 1930’s and was a founding member of IBM ring 59 (Seattle Magic Club). I’ll write another post about Carroll in the future.

One of the things I found for sale was the book My Life of Magic by Howard Thurston. I’ve never read this book so I picked it up.

my life in magic by howard thurston

I just picked up the book to read and noticed something inside the book:

Howard thurston autograph

It was signed by Howard Thurston!

This is really cool to me, when I was a kid starting in magic in the 1990’s learning from old library books, there was soo much written about him. The Rising Cards, the Five Card Vanish, the Floating Ball…soo much stuff that really got my imagination going. This was long before YouTube and all I had was pics in books and my imagination.

In the research I did about Carroll Wood and I found out exactly when this book was signed by Thurston, and it’s an interesting story that I’ll write about in the future!