Close Up Dancing Hank

Last week in Seattle, he had an ice storm where the city got covered in a sheet of ice from freezing rain. That gave me a day off to play around, no shows or emails to return. I used this time to get to some ideas that have been in notebooks for awhile.

Here’s a close up dancing hank style magic trick that I had a while ago:

@louiefoxx Hot damn, the ol' dollar in the swear jar! #magictrick #illusion #dollarbill #iceday2022 ♬ original sound – Louie Foxx

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The ending with the smoke in the jar was an idea I had for another trick that didn’t work out, but added something to this trick.

Is this trick better than a standard floating bill? I don’t know, it’s potentially more workable as there’s less issues with the IT being visible. It could work in a parlor type setting. It would take away my biggest issue with using IT and that’s dealing with lighting or having to cut the bit because you can’t make it work with the existing lighting.

I may play with this a bit more, as the jumping action for me works better with my performing persona that the bill floating.

PS I’m aware that this is essentially a smaller version of Sean Bogunia’s Extreme Dancing Hank, but with a different, but similar gimmick and a slight variation in method.

Dancing Hank…

Every summer I try to add a trick to my show that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Usually whatever that trick is doesn’t make it into the show long term. It does scratch the itch for doing that trick and usually there’s a reason I hadn’t done it in my show.

One of the tricks I’ve always wanted to do is the dancing handkerchief. When I was a kid I did a Sid Fleishman‘s version when I street performed. Today while driving it hit me that a virtual show is the perfect venue for the dancing handkerchief. You can easily control the lighting and the audience’s viewpoint of the trick.

I bought John Calvert’s Casper The Friendly Ghost set a couple years ago when it popped up on a used magic website. I’ve always thought this was a great routine. I remember seeing him do it, if you haven’t seen it, here it is:

I think I’m going two play around with a version of this for virtual shows this summer!