The Moisture Festival Podcast – Scotty and Katrine

This week, the Moisture Festival Podcast hits the road and travels to Berkley California where they are joined by Scotty Meltzer and Katrine Spang-Hanssen of Comedy Industries.

In this episode, Matt and Louie get into the nuts and bolts of comedy and discuss how custom script writing was the tool that would allow Scotty and Katrine to carve out their 30 year career in the entertainment industry, how they select jokes to put in their show, and the best heckler story ever. This is a fun interview we know you will love.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Amy G

The Moisture Festival hits the phone lines to welcome in the multi-talented and hilarious Amy G. Amy discusses how she transitioned from a shy kid to a powerhouse performer that has traveled to every country you can think of (and more you can’t think of.)

She discusses what life was like for her during covid and how she was forced to pivot to something she never knew could be so much fun. A fun and inspirational interview that we know you are gonna love. We sure did! 

Support the Variety Arts!

In Seattle we have the legendary Moisture Festival, which is the largest and longest running variety arts festival in the world. You may see the posts about the podcast that I cohost on this blog as well. Previously you had to attend the festival in person, but his year they are doing a virtual festival.

The festival runs April 1-4 and you can get tickets at:

Each show is different and it’ll be a ton of fun! Here’s the line up:

April 1st: Ron W. Bailey, Manuela Horn, Georgetown Orbits, Roxana Küwen, Mathieu Bolillo, Charly Castors, Christine Lavin, Alex Feldman, Della Moustachella, Leah V. Jones, Avner the Eccentric, Frank Olivier, Bill Robison, Paul Morocco & Olé

April 2nd: Kevin Joyce, Doc Sprinsock & the SANCApators, Pam Severns, Hilary Chaplain, Gazzo, Carla Ulbrich, Benedikt Negro, Al Simmons, Circus Luminescence, Jody Poth, TAQUEET$!, Tempo Turn, Tom Noddy, Mik Kuhlman, Esther de Monteflores

April 3rd: Lindsay Benner, Naked Truth, Jack and Jeri Kalvan, Kenny Raskin, Junior Cesar, Steve Owens, Stevie Coyle, Martin Mall, Miss Ekaterina, Al Simmons, PJ Perry

April 4th: Caela Bailey, Fremont Philharmonic Orchestra, Wang Hong, Unique Derique, Ropeworks Interactive Jump Rope, Mr P.P., Amy G, Sylvia Rose, Mat Plendl, Uncle Bonsai, Michael Paul, Duo Rose, Godfrey Daniels

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Charly Castor

This week we welcome circus royalty to the Moisture Festival Podcast Studio, Charly Castor. Charly is not only legendary in the circus world, but he is also one of the brothers from the famous French Trio Les Castors. In this episode, Charly explains the unique art form of Risley and Icarian Games as we cover his unique 50 year career touring with circuses around the world.

Charly Castor

Charly tells us a number of stories including what it’s like to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show and in front of famous audiences such as Charlie Chaplin and the Queen of England. A great conversation with a ton of interesting stories from the golden age of circus

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Jim Page

In this episode we welcome Seattle folk legend Jim Page to the Moisture Festival Podcast studio. Here, we talk about Jim’s lobbying efforts to legalize busking in Seattle, as well as his adventure organizing the first Busker Fest at Pike Place Market. Jim also brings his guitar and plays us a few songs.  

A great interview with one of the most influential Seattle musicians of our time.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – The Luminous Pariah

In this episode the multifaceted performer, Luminous Pariah, joins us in the studio. Lumi explains the art of Burlesque and how stories and comedy play an integral role in Burlesque. We learn about the transition Lumi made from a whale watching tour guide in Alaska to a world renowned burlesque entertainer.

The Luminous Pariah

Lumi also talks about getting involved in the Moisture Festival and how that led to being one of the producers for the Moisture Festival’s Burlesque Week. A great interview with a lot of laughs, great insights and a nice dose of awesomeness. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Henrik Bothe

The Moisture Festival Podcast records from the Jupiter Hotel in Portland Oregon. In this episode, we interview Danish comedy juggler Henrik Bothe in room 219. Henrik talks about doing two command performances for Eddie Murphy, performing on the Gong Show, and the origins of his famous ‘Neon Man’ routine.

We also learn how Henrik came to be an animated gif for his plate spinning skills. A great talk with a multi-talented performer and one of the Moisture Festival favorites.

Randy Minkler – The Moisture Festival Podcast

This week we welcome one of the producers of the Moisture Festival, Randy Minkler, to the podcast. In this episode, Randy tells us about his Moisture Festival origin story, as well as his music career. He goes into detail about the art of putting together a lineup of talented performers and how to overcome the challenges that accompany this feat.

the moisture festival podcast

A great episode for everyone to listen to, especially those interested in learning about what it’s like to run a huge variety arts festival. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Master Payne

Beloved magician, Master Payne, joins Matt and Louie in the Moisture Festival Podcast studio. Payne talks about performing at renaissance festivals, balancing his magic career with a regular job and how he came to be called “one of the best children’s entertainers” by the esteemed Magic Castle.

They also discuss his time performing with the Jim Rose Circus and how fun it is to perform at the Moisture Festival. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Dan Shih

Moisture Festival Board Member, Dan Shih, joins Matt and Louie in studio. They talk about what it’s like to serve on the board of directors for the Moisture Festival, what meetings look like and why volunteering is so important in your community. Louie reflects on the time Dan’s daughter scolded him for not recycling and Dan describes how much his kids love attending Moisture Festival Shows.

The moisture festival podcast

A great interview with a great glimpse into one of the people who helps make the festival happen.