The Moisture Festival Podcast – Ben Nemzer

This episode the Moisture Festival Podcast catches up with magician Ben Nemzer!

magician ben nemzer

We talk about getting started in magic, going to magic camp, running an afterschool program during the pandemic and soo much more! This is a fantastic peek behind the curtain of Ben Nemzer’s life!

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Mike Caveney

The Moisture Festival podcast is joined by Magician and raconteur Mike Caveney for an over the phone chat. Mike tells us some amazing stories from his 40+ years in show business.

We discuss how he got into magic, how he married a fellow magician, how hard it is to go on the road with a chicken and how after 50 years of research he is finally releasing a book on the history of sawing a woman in half. Lots of great stories, laughs with a fantastic performer and magician.