Mainstream Article on Suspension of Disbelief

sorbet magazine

About 6 months ago I was approached by Sorbet Magazine to write a little essay about the suspension of disbelief and how it applies to magicians. The article was based on a blog post that I had made here a long time ago that one of the editors had found. I rewrote and expanded it to fit what they wanted and it just got published in their magazine!

To be 100% honest, when I was contacted by the magazine, it felt like a scam…who would pay me to write a mainstream magazine article?! I did it anyway as if it was a scam, at least I would have practiced writing for someone else and hitting a word count with a non-magician target audience.

When I was finishing up the article, I was sharing an AirBnB with Dennis Forel and he helped me tweak my 5th grade, public school writing style into something a bit more grown up.

Here’s the original 3 paragraph blog post that the article was built on:

suspension of disbelief

This is a fun thing to have out there in the world!

Now onto the next thing…


Visiting the Fresno Magic Club!

When I travel I always try to visit a local magic club. The Fresno Magic Club is a great club and I always love visiting there! I brought three other acts that I was working with last week to the magic club.

dennis forel, mickey o'connor, bri crabtree and Louie Foxx

I love seeing the different styles of magic and what people of different levels are doing. One thing I dislike is that with the streaming videos, you have a lot less variations in style based on region than you used to have.

fresno magic club

I always love watching people of all levels perform in a safe space!

Magic clubs are close to my heart. They really helped me grow as a kid. If you have a local magic club, go out and support it!!!


Sponge Balloon Dog!

I was digging through a bin of junk magic and found a couple of sets of sponge sausages. The moment I saw them, I didn’t see sausages, I saw a balloon dog! I took the sponge sausages to the green room and got to work on making a balloon dog.

sponge balloon dog

A bit so thread and I had a sponge balloon dog!

sponge balloon dog

Luckily I was sharing a the green room with Dennis Forel, who is the one balloon figure guy and he approved of it!

sponge balloon dog with dennis forel

After I made it, I did a quick search for “sponge balloon dog” and it looks like Alexander May put one out…and it’s pretty much the same concept. It’s made of sponge sausages!

I’ve been playing with making a blowing up a round balloon, popping it and it becomes the balloon dog. It’s fun, but probably will never has a spot in my show.


Fresno Magic Club

I still believe in magic clubs and that they are a great way to learn magic and build community. Last night I brought some of the performers (Bri Crabtree, Dennis Forel and Mickey O’Conner) from the fair to the Fresno Magic Club.

Dennis Forel did some amazing stunts with a balloons, which is always my favorite!

fresno magic club

And Micky O’Conner did a great bit with a jumbo coin

frenso magic club

And we saw some great magic from the club members as well

frenso magic club

I highly recommend looking up magic clubs when you travel! It’s also always nice to see what tricks and styles are popular in different areas.