Sponge Balloon Dog!

I was digging through a bin of junk magic and found a couple of sets of sponge sausages. The moment I saw them, I didn’t see sausages, I saw a balloon dog! I took the sponge sausages to the green room and got to work on making a balloon dog.

sponge balloon dog

A bit so thread and I had a sponge balloon dog!

sponge balloon dog

Luckily I was sharing a the green room with Dennis Forel, who is the one balloon figure guy and he approved of it!

sponge balloon dog with dennis forel

After I made it, I did a quick search for “sponge balloon dog” and it looks like Alexander May put one out…and it’s pretty much the same concept. It’s made of sponge sausages!

I’ve been playing with making a blowing up a round balloon, popping it and it becomes the balloon dog. It’s fun, but probably will never has a spot in my show.