Evaporation + FREE Out For Beers

One of my favorite gimmicks and one that I use in almost all of my stage shows is Evaporation!  This is a way to make liquid vanish from a single serve bottle of Sunny D (orange juice).  The “effect” is similar to a Magic Milk Pitcher, however the method is very different.
This gimmick is super versatile, and over the years I’ve used it for a lot of different routines.  Click the play button below to watch the video:
I just made a big batch of them, and if order one now through July 20th, 2024 I’ll include my trick Out For Beers (a $19 value) for free with it!  

You don’t need to do anything special to get this deal, simply order the Evaporation trick and I’ll automatically include it with your order.

You can get more information or order Evaporation visit:

Show Set Lists

For every show that I do, I have a written set list. I know my show, but I always have one. For my main show, it’s taped to the inside of the lid of my case. Recently I was in a show where I did three five minute spots, so the list was written on a piece of paper inside the bin on my table top.

stage magic show

I do this for a couple reasons, for my main show if I’m repacking it, it’s easy to go down the list as I pack to make sure I have all of my props. For unusual configurations of my show, it makes sure I have all the correct props set. It also takes brainpower out of what I’m doing, I can glance at the list and know what to do!


Larger Size Evaporation Magic Trick Available Again!

I’m excited to say that the old, larger size of the Evaporation trick will be available again soon! The original 16 oz bottles haven’t been available for a long time, but I’ve just found a bunch of them, so I’m making up a batch of about a hundred of them soon!

evaporation magic trick

I should have these bottles gimmicked in the next couple of days and they’ll be available on my website and shipped out to Murphy’s Magic, so available at your favorite dealer soon!


How to Make the Evaporation Puppet Thumb Tip

Yesterday I posted a video about how to use evaporation with one hand using a thumb tip with a cork on it. Here’s a tutorial on how to make the thumb tip. You’ll need a thumb tip, cork, screwdriver, screw and scissors.

thumb tip

I start by trimming off a little bit of the end of the thumb tip. I think that makes it easier to get your thumb into it.

thumb tip

Than I use the screwdriver to punch a hole in the fingernail side of the thumb tip. Just push and twist until you have a hole.

thumb tip

Put a screw onto the screwdriver and drive it through the thumb tip a little bit.

thumb tip

Then screw the screw into the cork.

thumb tip

And you’re done!

thumb tip

That’s all there is to it, pretty simple.


Using Evaporation with a Puppet

Recently in a Facebook group someone was asking about a way to make it look like their puppet was drinking. My Evaporation prop was mentioned and I immediately had some people ask me how to use the prop with one hand.

It’s not hard, here’s how:

Enjoy having your puppet drink!


Fair Magic Show Set Up

It’s always interesting to look into other magicians prop cases. Last week I did my first fair of the year and here’s what my set up look like.

First the bin that sits on my table:

And here’s the prop case that sits on the floor to my left:

That’s a 45 minute stage show and it all can pack down into the prop case. The fully loaded case is just under 50 pounds, so I can check it on the plane as luggage for no additional fees!


Coming Soon…Applause Please

I’m still working on a redesign for my Applause Please trick.

This is my take on the liquid in light bulb effect, but instead of using a lamp, it uses an applause sign. This has been unavailable for a while as the Tim Rose who built them for me passed away about 2 years ago. I’m working with a new builder and should have it available in the near-ish future.

One of the changes that I’m working on is having it all battery operated. I’ve fought thing as I don’t like to rely on batteries, but I frequently get that suggestion. I think LED technology is catching up for the lumens that I need for the trick that can be run off of a 9 volt battery.

I should mention one of the reasons that I’m not using a rechargeable lithium battery is that you can’t fly with them. If the battery was built into the prop, you’d have to hand carry it onto a plane. Another thing is that I don’t trust myself to always charge it. With a built in battery, if you forget to charge it or don’t plug it in fully, you can’t do the trick. With a 9 volt battery, you just throw a fresh one in there and you’re good to go.

Another change I’m testing now is that I’ve rewired it so that the foot switch and hidden remote work together to so there is less secret pushing of the button on the remote control than in the current version of the trick that I’m using.

Hopefully these will be available by the end of the summer!