Spirit Rapping Hand

A few months ago I bought a cool looking vintage spirit hand and planned to use it to make a mold to make my own spirit hand.

I didn’t have any pigment for my resin, so my hand came out looking like a zombie hand! The original one would have come with a gimmicked board to make it move. I gimmicked mine so that is doesn’t need the board.

It works, and if I make another one, I’m probably going to go for a less dead looking skin tone!

6 thoughts on “Spirit Rapping Hand”

  1. The hand looks GREAT and I love the movement. I do a seance show and have been looking for a spirit rapping hand…are you going to make more (for sale) and if so what will be the cost? What is the outside layer made of? can it be inspected by an audience member?

    1. Hey Davis!

      The spirit hand is made of resin. I still have the mold that I made, but probably won’t make any more anytime soon. They’re a pain to make.

      That particular hand worked with magnets, so it’s sort of examinable.


      1. I love the look of your spirit hand. Would you consider ever selling it? (and if so what kind of price?)
        Also could a cuff of material be added without messing the movement? Very-Very cool

  2. If you do not want to sell the hand you made would you be willing to sell the one you purchased to make the mold or maybe the mold you created?

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