Let Them Understand You!

duolingo spanish

One of the constant struggles I have with performing is audiences that don’t speak English. I never really learned a foreign language when I was in high school and it’s one of my biggest regrets in life. Since I perform a lot in Southern California and Arizona, being able to speak Spanish would really help me out.

The last year I’ve been working on my Spanish with Duolingo and I’ve gotten to the point where I can pretty much do my close up set in Spanish. It’s not conversational, but I’m able to communicate what I’m doing to an audience who primarily speaks Spanish. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made as far as learning a new skill goes!

If you’re a talking act that only speaks one language, starting learning another language. It will open a lot of doors!


Learning to Perform in Spanish

Recently I’ve been and will be working a lot in Arizona and California. There’s huge Hispanic population down here and I’ve been trying to work on doing parts of my show in Spanish. I’m not good at it, but showing that I’m trying goes a long way endear myself to audiences that may not speak English well.

It’s not a bad idea to learn bits of your show in another language, it makes you a lot more versatile if you’re a talking act. I’m getting to the point where I can communicate ideas in Spanish, not really do the full routines, but can get the point across.

It’s also fun when I say things wrong or when the audience corrects my pronunciation. It shows that what’s happening is real and opens the show up to some unexpected moments.

Awhile ago a juggler friend of mine said, “If you don’t know two languages, you’re lazy” and I agree with him. It’s soo easy to learn a little bit of a second language and you don’t need much to start putting bits into your show!