Using Anverdi’s Color Match

In the spirit of fairness to Murphy’s Magic Anverdi Color Match, and not just being old and stud I tried using it at all of my shows yesterday and I kept hitting hurdles and having to default to my “out” for when the gimmicks fail for every show.

The problems I’m having is that the with the pens in the cup, I don’t get enough movement from them to trigger the thumper from their initial grab of the pen. I’ve played with different sensitivities, however that also presents a new challenge. In my show I need to move the easel that has the paper and pens and that triggers the pens. The Murphy’s Magic set does have a reset button, which is great, except that I keep the thumper in my sock and can’t push the button. Unfortunately due to what I wear, I don’t have a lot of options of where to put the thumper where I can reach the reset button.

I also tried having the pens on my table, but how my table is configured there isn’t a lot of space, and moving the table triggers the thumpers. Sure I could keep the pens in the off position, move the table, then put them in the on position, however I don’t have that much real estate on my table for two spaces for the pens.

I’m not saying that the Murphy’s Magic Color Match set is bad, it just doesn’t work for how I perform. I’ll probably keep the set around for a bit and try to figure out how t make them work for me (as a back up set), or find a use for them and if I don’t I’ll get tired of them kicking around my office and sell them.


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