Evaporation + FREE Out For Beers

One of my favorite gimmicks and one that I use in almost all of my stage shows is Evaporation!  This is a way to make liquid vanish from a single serve bottle of Sunny D (orange juice).  The “effect” is similar to a Magic Milk Pitcher, however the method is very different.
This gimmick is super versatile, and over the years I’ve used it for a lot of different routines.  Click the play button below to watch the video:
I just made a big batch of them, and if order one now through July 20th, 2024 I’ll include my trick Out For Beers (a $19 value) for free with it!  

You don’t need to do anything special to get this deal, simply order the Evaporation trick and I’ll automatically include it with your order.

You can get more information or order Evaporation visit: