Omni Bear!

In yesterday’s blog post I wrote about Omni Style Tricks and how I think most versions are lazy creativity. That got me thinking about what could I make that’s an Omni type trick, but actually put some thought into it. I

I decided to go the Silver Extraction type route for the trick. The removing of an element that logically leaves you with a clear prop. I also wanted more of a “routine” over purely visual trick. I didn’t try too hard, but here’s what I came up with:

In the trick above you have the appearance, vanish and second appearance of the cinnamon stick. These three tricks are setting you up for the kicker ending of the clear cinnamon bear. Pulling the cinnamon out of the bear leaving it clear is a logical ending. It’s not one of those kicker endings that doesn’t make sense.

Ok, so is the trick that I created the best trick ever? No.
Does it go beyond simply making a clear prop? YES!