Magic Inspiration!

Many years ago on a John Cornelius VHS tape he did a quick bit that wasn’t explained that I always thought was cool. He took a flower off his lapel and it turned into a silk. The silk then turned back into a flower. The flower disappeared and was back on his lapel. The whole thing took about 15 seconds, but was visually really cool and went full circle.

Here’s a trick that was inspired by John Cornelius’s trick:

@louiefoxx Alexander Hamilton Does a Magic Trick! #alexanderhamilton #magictrick #magician#moneymagic #surprise #cuptrick #cupsandballs #louiefoxx #hamilton ♬ original sound – Louie Foxx

There’s not much to the trick, it was fun to figure out all of the small things that made it work and translate it to a bill and not a silk/flower.

This is a good example of why watching magic is important, it can inspire you!


Magical Mixology – Mint Julep

Last week I was hired to do a magical mixology video for a Kentucky Derby themed event. They wanted to have me make Mint Julep, here’s what I ended up sending them:

The hardest thing was making the mint jump at the end. By the time I finally nailed that, it was later in the day and the mint was super wilty. Sometimes good enough has to be good enough!