The Moisture Festival Podcast – Eric Haines

On this podcast we welcome in the troubadour himself Eric Haines. We discuss all the disciplines Eric implements into his show, how he came to be so good at all of them and how he found his calling with the One Man Band. We learn why someone would want to play so many instruments at once and all the great opportunities it has granted him. A really great conversation over Zoom with a one man Moisture Fest.

The moisture festival podcast

Recharging Your Battery…

Last summer I started using rechargeable batteries in my show. I fought using them for a long time because in the past they weren’t very good. I finally listened to Steve Trash and Eric Haines about getting them. While I’m not performing a lot this summer (due to COVID restrictions) they are still getting used.

I bought double the batteries to run my show. When I’m out performing, I have another set in the charger and switch the batteries when I get home. Initially it took a little while to get into the rhythm of using them, but now it’s second nature. I also keep a full set of regular batteries for my show in the trunk of my car as a back up.

The rechargeable batteries paid for themselves within a month or two last summer. Having them this summer is nice because not having a battery bill is adding to my profits, which is really helpful this year. If you’re not using rechargeable batteries, it’s totally worth investing in, I wish I did a few year earlier!

Live Variety show Tonight!

Once a month my buddy Matt Baker and I put on a variety show on Zoom. The show is at 5pm (pst) today! We host the show and bring in three amazing acts. This month we have:

Here’s what went down last month:

Tickets for tonight’s show are $7 and available at

Odd and Offbeat Variety Show

On Thursday (5/28) my buddy Matt Baker and I will be hosting the Odd and Offbeat Variety Show. We’ve got some fun acts and all will be performing live and we’ll do a Q&A with the acts after they perform.

Odd and Offbeat Variety Show

I think this is a great format for a virtual show, you get a lot of acts and it’s done live. Check it out on Thursday!