Take Out Box

Take Out Box $40 Louie Foxx’s Out Box is a gimmicked Chinese food style take out box that can be used to vanish, produce or change objects! With the Take Out Box you’ll get: – Fully assembled box with 3d printed gimmick installed that’s ready to use!– Template to use when moving the gimmick to … Continue reading “Take Out Box”

Take Out Box Instructions

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Take Out Boxes!

I’m getting ready to offer my Take Out Box to magicians. This is a Chinese style take out box that you can use to produce, vanish or change items. There’s a lot that goes into making thing for sale, and one of them is shipping. I made a batch in a slightly larger size but … Continue reading “Take Out Boxes!”

Trying Take Out…

One of the cool things about virtual performing is that if you have something you want to try, there are a ton of opportunities to do it…and you don’t need to leave you house! Yesterday I popped into Kevin Peel’s Open Mic Magic Show on Zoom. The nice thing about this show is that it’s … Continue reading “Trying Take Out…”

Small Steps to Take Out…

The idea of using a take out box from a Chinese restaurant for a production box is starting to make some progress…and hitting a wall. The progress that I’ve made is that the box now has a Asian looking logo on the outside. This makes it instantly identifiable from a distance as a Chinese take … Continue reading “Small Steps to Take Out…”

Taking “Take Out” Further…

I frequently say that creating magic is just problem solving. Lately I’ve been writing about using a chinese take out box as a production box. Logistically, I have the hiding of the load and the showing of the box empty figured out. The challenge is when is “good enough” good enough? Right now the production … Continue reading “Taking “Take Out” Further…”

Take Out Ideas…

With the Chinese Take Out Production Box, I probably should explore some ideas beyond my initial idea for a routine. While the original idea is good, maybe there’s a better idea. Vanish: Item goes into the box and you open the box flat for the vanish. Mentalism Reveal: Someone thinks of a object and then … Continue reading “Take Out Ideas…”

Chinese Take Out Production…

Yesterday I wrote about an idea of using a chinese take out box as a production box. I went out and bought some poster board and made a box using the real one as a template. It was pretty easy to make the box, and luckily it all worked out on the first try: I … Continue reading “Chinese Take Out Production…”

Take Up Reels are out there!

After about a year of me selling my Take Up Reel via word of mouth, I’ve finally made them available through a magic shop. If you don’t k now what a take up reel is click here for more info! You can get them from Hocus-Pocus.com. People frequently ask me if I would prefer they … Continue reading “Take Up Reels are out there!”

Learning About Thurston

Last weekend I picked up the Thurston Scrapbook that was put out by Phil Temple. This book is Grace Thurston’s autobiography of life with Howard Thurston. I started reading it and there’s a lot going on that doesn’t hold up to modern standards. I’m only about 30 pages into it and it’s really changed my … Continue reading “Learning About Thurston”