Take Up Reels are out there!

After about a year of me selling my Take Up Reel via word of mouth, I’ve finally made them available through a magic shop. If you don’t k now what a take up reel is click here for more info! You can get them from Hocus-Pocus.com. People frequently ask me if I would prefer they … Continue reading “Take Up Reels are out there!”

Learning About Thurston

Last weekend I picked up the Thurston Scrapbook that was put out by Phil Temple. This book is Grace Thurston’s autobiography of life with Howard Thurston. I started reading it and there’s a lot going on that doesn’t hold up to modern standards. I’m only about 30 pages into it and it’s really changed my … Continue reading “Learning About Thurston”

About the Vanishing Birdcage

I recently got an email asking questions about the Vanishing Birdcage and I figured it might be helpful to more than just the person who emailed me, so here it is: I see that you have a lot of knowledge about the vanishing bird cage. My dad used to do a little stage magic and … Continue reading “About the Vanishing Birdcage”

Take Up Reel Question

A question I recently got asked about my Take Up Reel for the vanishing bird cage is how much can you move around with it on. My answers is that it gives you pretty much full range of motion. For the last month I’ve been performing 2-3 shows a day and my 45 minutes show … Continue reading “Take Up Reel Question”

Card Split Routine

Yesterday I posted a video of a method for a “card split” effect. I mentioned I don’t think I’ll ever do it, however last night I thought of a routine for it, or at least a way to give it some context and it’s not just showing an 8 of hearts and turning it into … Continue reading “Card Split Routine”

Card Routine…

I’m playing with a little card sequence where I reveal a selected card three times. The first uses two hands, the second time one hand and the third time is no hands. Here’s an early test version of the current version: I need to figure out a slightly less clunky way to get into the … Continue reading “Card Routine…”

Indoor and outdoor shows

Show business is funny. In less 24 hours you can go from performing outdoors in the full sun (I’m not complaining, I love outdoor gigs): To performing indoors at a really cool theater! While both shows are similar, there are things that I do indoors that I don’t do outdoors and things I do outdoors … Continue reading “Indoor and outdoor shows”

Using the Take Up Reel…

One thing I’ve realized as I’m out there talking more and more about the vanishing birdcage is how many magicians have never actually seen it done live. Many have seen it on an old video of Blackstone, but not live. At a virtual magic lecture someone asked me about my Take Up Reel that I … Continue reading “Using the Take Up Reel…”

Double Action Pull – Take Two

I redesigned the pulley for the double action birdcage pull that I made yesterday. The main difference is that it’s slightly larger and the hole on the non pulley side has been moved 90 degrees. Here’s a side by side comparison with the one that I made yesterday. The old one is on the left … Continue reading “Double Action Pull – Take Two”

Out For Beers

Out For Beers $19 Out for Beers combines a brand new gag card, with a solid classic magic principle to create a fun, and memorable experience for your audience that they can take home with them! After doing this your audiences will be thanking you for the free beer! Effect:  You offer your audience a … Continue reading “Out For Beers”