Saturday Night Sideshow

The Saturday night show at the Sideshow Hootenanny also had some incredible acts. Here’s the highlights of the night:

@louiefoxx Sideshow Hootenanny – Sat night show! #sideshow #juggling #fireeating #sideshowhootenanny #neworleans #nola #badass #acrobat #crossbow #ariel #stunts ♬ original sound – Louie Foxx

One act that I’ve been thinking about is Krystal Younglove’s strongwoman act.

Krystal Younglove strong woman act

It’s something that really fills the stage without much in the way of props. It’s the two metal triangles, some rope and 4-6 people from the audience. I think the stunt is very relatable, you’re playing “tug of war” against two groups of people from the audience at the same time.

For me a lot of strength feats fall flat because it’s a “look how cool I am” sort of thing, but I with this particular one, no one wins and you’re fighting a losing battle and essentially it ends in a three way tie. I really like it and I’m surprised more people don’t do it.