Lightning Bill Switch

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with my buddy Clive Hayward and he showed me Jay Scott Berry’s Lightning Bill Switch. Honestly I think it’s better than the hundred dollar bill switch…in most situations. Essentially it’s the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch, but using a modified Sanada Gimmick called the Cloaking Device instead of a thumb tip.

I bought two videos from Jay, the one on how to make the Cloaking Device and the other on the Lightning Bill Switch. I will say that I feel the Cloaking Device video was incomplete. I think it’s a chopped version of a DVD that he used to sell. Mine starts with him constructing the gimmick, but he doesn’t go into the materials used. I think there’s another video where he talks about the materials, but I’m not going to drop another $10-20 to figure out how to get the name of the type of tape he uses. Personally, I think if I were to buy the videos again, I’d look for a used DVD and you’d get all the info. While I’m all for supporting the creator, I feel like he sold me an incomplete product, so I have no problem paying $5-10 for a used DVD and getting all the information.

With the above concern noted, I still think this is an amazing bill switch. What makes it great is that the bill is only folded into eighths, not sixteenths like with the Hundred Dollar Bill Switch using a thumb tip. That keeps the bill a lot more visible, which is great when doing it onstage and it feels a lot less cramped.

Go out and learn this switch, it’s great!


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  1. The video came from cutting up the Zoom classes he ran during the pandemic. It was a super deal compared to the cost of individual videos (and you got to interact over zoom to ask your questions). I believe the information on the tape is in the Basic Sanada Gimmick Construction video

    There are two types of tape that can be used either Elastoplast Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster or Hanaplastic Classic Surgical Fixation Tape these are common in other parts of the world but need to be ordered from eBay or Amazon in North America.

    Jay Scott Berry’s Facebook group has links to these products and advertises his Zoom Sessions which have been a tremendous value to me.

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