Catching Myself on TV…

The other night I was travelling with my family and flipping channels in the hotel room and saw myself on TV! It was very surprising to stumble upon myself on a rerun of Masters of Illusion.

The nice thing about these is whenever they air I get emails from people who have used me in the past saying they saw me on TV. This show has been a great way passively stay in front of people who want to book me!

You can watch my whole appearance above:

Now let’s chat about how magicians seem to feel about this show. Most magicians talk bad about it. The reality is that most of the magicians who talk bad about the show would take it in a heartbeat if they were offered. That same group of magicians don’t have what it takes from simply a material perspective to perform on this show.

The first thing to consider is that this show has been on TV for over 8 seasons, so it’s doing something right. The next and bigger thing to consider is that this show isn’t for magicians. What a magician wants to see on a TV magic show and what a non-magician wants to see is totally different.

Now let’s get to why this show is great, it’s fun to perform on TV. The whole experience is a good time. It’s great networking with other magicians at the studio and hotel. It’s gets my “art” out there for more people to see. On top of that there’s the marketing angle as a bonus!

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