Let Them Touch the Magic

One thing that I like is having magic that people can touch after the trick has happened! I’m not talking about giving out a signed card after the trick, but when something is altered, them getting to touch and potentially keep the trick in its altered state.

Giving out a signed card isn’t magically altered. This is where something like metal bending is great, they can touch it, keep it and show it to other people and the item is interesting.

For example the end of my card routine I peel the front off the card and hand it to the person. This is way more interesting than simply handing them a signed card. Also 90% of the people then stick that card on their shirt! That gets people at the event talking about me, or at least aware that there’s a roving magician there.

Another example is my Out For Beers trick. This trick starts as a gag with card with a picture of a full pitcher of beer. Then the pitcher magically empties itself. This is something that they keep in its altered state and gets them talking about me to other people at the event I’m at.

Unfortunately in magic there’s not a lot of options for tricks where the item is altered and they can handle it in the altered condition…and even less where they can keep the item!


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