Final Virtual Show…

My final scheduled virtual magic show was yesterday at 9:30am…and it was for a group of middle school aged kids. I’m going to say that middle school age isn’t the ideal demographic for 9:30am. They had fun, and so did I!

This show had some problems which are why virtual shows stressed me out. The big one was my internet dropped about 2 mins from the start of the show. I was back in the zoom before the show started. it’s one of those things that had it happened 5 mins later, it would have been a bigger issue. Zoom also wasn’t recognizing my mic, so I had to use my laptop’s mic. That also wasn’t a huge deal, but it just adds to the stress of these gigs.

I ran this show solo, normally I have my daughter run the production on the show. It was fun, but I’m glad to be back to performing in person.

I had a great time learning to perform in a virtual venue, and I really loved creating magic for virtual shows. I’m not saying I will never do another virtual show, there are just no more on my calendar.

2 thoughts on “Final Virtual Show…”

  1. This is a nightmare any magician would not like to deal with. Due to pandemic, all the magicians have to do online or virtual shows. It is a great idea because we can connect and entertain people sitting in any part of the world. But every great concept has its own pros and cons. Now every solo magician should learn how to deal with technical problems so that it won’t create a problem next time. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Riccardo!

      That post was over the summer, and while I was hoping that was my final one…I’ve done many more since then.

      While I prefer performing in person, there are some fun things I can do virtually, like really small tricks close up tricks and some gags that wouldn’t be practical to move from venue to venue.


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