Four Ace Production…

Here’s a little four ace production I thought of a few nights ago.

I have a feeling the book Principa by Harapan Ong led to this, it feels like several of the ace productions in that book.

The work is pretty simple, you need the four aces on top of the deck. They alternate face down and face up, with the uppermost ace face down.

Take the deck and slip cut two cards (a face down and face up ace) off the top of the deck on the lower have. Do a faro shuffle, it only needs to be a perfect faro for the first four cards and leave the cards outjogged (don’t complete the shuffle).

Your left index finger pops the top card off the top forward half and the thumb on your other hand does the same with the top card of the inner half. When you do that the four aces will be face up.

It’s it the best, or most practical four ace production? Probably not.
Was it fun to play with? yes

Do what you want with this new knowledge!

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