Backstage Props!

When I’m performing a formal show where my show is set up onstage when the audience arrives, I have a backstage set up as well.

stage magic props

These are all the props that end up on my person when I walk on stage. I don’t put these things on until about 15 mins before I need to be onstage. Here’s what you’re seeing:

  • Wireless mic with transmitter
  • Mic tape
  • Glasses with no lenses
  • Two Promystic receivers (one is a back up)
  • Deck of cards
  • Marker
  • Music remote control

Sure I could set up and keep all this stuff on me, but I don’t. I’m worried I’ll accidentally turn on my mic, or play music. The other worry is that something will fall out of my pocket or I’ll use the pen and forget to put it back in my pocket.

For me, having all this stuff on a stool or table, then putting it all where it goes at the same time is the most sure fire way (for me) to not forget or lose anything!