Salt Pour Collection!

I passively collect salt pour gimmicks. I think they look interesting and display well for a magic gimmick in my collection. I’ve had the salt pour in my show a couple of times. It’s been in themed shows, but never in my main show. It’s a trick I keep coming back to, but it’s missing something to make it work in my main show.

Ok, back to the gimmicks. A while ago I bought some salt pour gimmicks to add to my collection. I recently bought a bundle of salt pour gimmicks from Scott Alexander’s estate.

The first two I was able to identify. The one on the right is the older style salt pour gimmick that Jim Riser made. The black one on the left is the Bob Kohler salt pour. This is a new one to me, took a bit of work to figure out who made it.

Jim riser salt pour and bob kohler salt pour gimmicks

Then I got these two salt pour gimmicks:

salt pour gimmick

I haven’t been able to identify who made them, if you have any idea, let me know!

And finally I got a bunch of parts to make salt pour gimmicks:

salt pour gimmicks

These parts appear to be trying to replicate the two unidentified gimmicks above. The main difference is these have a shorter neck. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the parts, maybe I’ll have them assembled…or just one and display it with the parts???


FISM Flash and the Vanishing Birdcage

Sometimes I have ideas that I know I’ll never do and just aren’t practical, but I want to try them to see how they actually play out. What I wanted to do was add a FISM Flash to the vanishing birdcage. I recently acquired a FISM Flash in a box of used magic, so I was able to give it a try!

I think it does add something to the effect, however I don’t think what it adds makes it worth all of the extra wiring that’s around your body. It would be good for a short act, or a TV spot, but not as something I’d do in a full show.

I’m probably not the first person to try combining the FISM Flash and the Vanishing Birdcage, and I’m sure most people who have tried it came to the same conclusion, which is it’s just not that practical.

Rubber Canary!

A couple of days ago I wrote about there being two kinds of Nielson Latex Canaries and that I prefer the lighter color as it’s thinner. The reason is that it’s a thinner latex. If it happens to stick out of the cage during the vanish it doesn’t really hang up on your sleeve. Here’s what the cage looked like after I pulled it out of my sleeve yesterday:

baby lindy vanishing birdcage

When I noticed that I made a quick video to explain the difference:

While the difference in the firmness of the latex isn’t much, one thing I’ve learned about the cage is that a lot of small things that end up making a huge difference!

Baby Lindy Vanishing Bird Cage!

A while ago I order one of Daniel Summers’s Baby Lindy Vanishing Bird Cages. This is the Jim Riser Baby Lindy Vanishing Cage that’s built by Daniel. Jim Riser’s cages are sought after for magicians as he didn’t make a lot of them as he’s not currently making them, didn’t sell them to just anyone, you had to prove you could do the cage for him to sell you one. It’s great that Jim has authorized Summers to make them for him.

Mine showed up in the mail the other day:

Jim Riser Baby Lindy Vanishing Bird Cage by Daniel Summers

It comes with a pull, canary and carrying bag.

When collapsed it will fit through my wedding ring:

Jim Riser Baby Lindy Vanishing Bird Cage by Daniel Summers

I hooked it up to my Take Up Reel and in theory, I won’t need to change the pull length as it will take the corner to the same spot in my sleeve as the Owen Vanishing Bird Cage that I’m currently using.

After practicing with it, there’s a lot I like about it. It’s just the right amount of rigid, not too stiff and not too floppy. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, for some perspective, it’s slightly larger than a Milson Worth Silver Meteor Vanishing Cage. When the vanish is complete, the bottom goes past my elbow, so I have more use of my are than I do with the Owen cage.

As for what I don’t like about it, there’s really nothing I don’t like about it. If I had to come up with something, I guess it would be the price. I’m not complaining about the price, I understand what goes into making them, it’s just a big leap from the cost of an Owen cage. I do think the Summers/Riser cage is 100% worth it!

I really like this cage, and can’t wait to start to use it in my shows next week!