Four Ace Routine

When I was a teenager I put together a four ace routine that I did all the time. I haven’t really done it in probably a decade, but did it the other day and now it’s creeping into my close up set.

There’s not much to the routine, here’s the flow:

1: Deck is shuffled by the spectator and I cut to the four aces

2: The aces are put in the middle and appear on top of the deck

3: The aces are put into the middle of the deck and the deck is given to the spectator. They shake the deck and the four aces jump out.

It’s a nice little three effect trick with a fun, interactive ending. It’s a good trick to have in my brain to use whenever I need to fill a couple of extra minutes when doing close up magic.

I think you should always have some back up material that you can do with the props you already are carrying. I have my main close up set of material, but I have a ton of things that I can do with a regular deck at a moments notice.