Der Kleine Zauberer Magic Set

I’m always hunting out unusual things and recently came across a magic kit without a box. I immediately recognized the style of the props as Der Kleine Zauberer magic set from Germany. This set is from around 1900, so it’s 125 years old!

der Kleine Zauberer magic set

It has most of the instructions which are written in German, French and English.

der Kleine Zauberer

This set is almost complete, it’s missing the box and a couple of small props. I really wish it had the box as that’s where the value would be. However the props look cool on a shelf without the box. I’m glad to have rescued this magic set!


Spirit bell

A couple of months ago I had a garage sale find of a lot of vintage magic. I sold most of the props a few weeks ago. I kinda regretted selling the spirit bell that was part of that find. Well, the magic gods led me to another spirit bell! This one belonged to John Pomeroy whose company was GEM magic.

This one is a little bit bigger than the previous one that I had, it’s also heavier. The nice thing is that I have an extra glass bell. This one doesn’t have a stand, but it does have the wand that makes it ring.

The wand on this one has a better design than on the other one. The previous one had a button you pressed, where this one has a button you slide. The sliding action is more ergonomic and makes your hand move less when the bell rings.

Life is funny sometimes, I’ve never seen a spirit bell in person, and in the span of four months, I’ve owned two different ones!